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The River of Life (a metaphorical personal observation)

The River of Life

(a metaphorical personal observation)

Winding River

The river of life has many twists and turns, we may have an idea of its general direction but we can never be certain where it might ultimately take us.

It can be rough and turbulent, it Turbulent Riverhas many currents often unseen, it can have falls and eddies;  it can divide making us chose a direction without knowing the consequences; it can temporarily turn us back or spiral us down in a whirlpool from where we may never return.

Swirling River  River Dividing

It can destroy us and it can exhilarate or inspire us but even after the worst of the turbulence or the highest of falls, if we survive, there can be a wonderful calm, a place of tranquility and beauty….

Never give up, KEEP SWIMMING.

Life can be full of happy surprises so look forward and don’t dwell on the past, just remember past good times and learn from the bad.


The robin’s morning song

robinI was woken at 3:00am by the sound of a robin singing his proud, lonely song to the world. He was alone and his voice was clear in the peaceful, quiet beginning of this new day. But then the quieter sound of another perhaps lonely bird, far away answering his call despite the distance between them. They never got closer despite their shared song but appeared like soul-mates taking comfort from each others voice.

Far too soon the distant call stopped and the robin is again alone with his seemingly sad but beautiful song. He sings clear and bright in the cold dark early morning, perhaps if he sings tomorrow and the next day they may eventually be united……..  It is nearly Spring after all, and maybe then I will get some sleep.