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The Rose

P1010494The Rose

A rose is delicate and sensual as a woman’s soft skin,
Slowly opening, unravelling, revealing beauty within;
It glows like a blush on a warm summer day,
Its heady perfume marks the passing of May;
One of life’s contradictions in so many ways,
So tender, so gentle we marvel and gaze;
Its feminine beauty is bold, its petals laid bare,
But they also hide thorns so we must tread with great care;
We should cherish and nurture, love and admire,
Never take them for granted or be blind with desire;
In the earth they will grow, don’t place in a bowl,
Nature’s gifts to the world, they enrichen the soul.

Spring in 62 words

PrimroseSpring in 62 words

As the tides of the great oceans slowly ebb and slowly flow,
so the seasons of the year will come and they will go;
There is beauty in winter when trees stand naked and bold,
and snow brings peaceful tranquility despite being cold;
As the cold winter ebbs spring approaches with ease,
it feels that life is renewed, newborn lambs, budding trees.