The Strongest You


A Tree Needs a Crown

A tree needs a crown of leaves to absorb and convert energy from the sun. It needs roots to anchor it to the ground and to absorb nutrients from the earth. It needs a trunk to support the crown and convey nutrients to its farthest extremity. We see a tree and to the casual observer only the leaves appear living, yet without every components part the tree would be incomplete. Take any part away and the tree would suffer, maybe even fall or die, it could not survive or thrive.

So the mind is a component part of an individual, it is just one of the many parts that makes us human and makes each of us whole. We are aware of the physical parts because we see, feel or in the case of internal organs we consciously acknowledge their existence. Yet the mind is ethereal, we can think about thinking yet we rarely stop to acknowledge it. Still the mind is an integral part of “us” as a whole, an integral part of Being, and we must take care of its health just as we must our physical body.

Neglect the mind and we suffer, we might become poorly. We may find it difficult to be happy, difficult to cope. We might struggle to survive or thrive.

Mindfulness can help in keeping us fit in mind just as regular exercise can help us keep fit in body.

In mind and self, be THE STRONGEST YOU